Flashing Sonoff Wifi Switch

I’m going to flash my Sonoff switches to install a custom firmware on them. I am using the following resources as a reference:

From YouTube:

From the Internet:

  • KmanOz/KmanSonoff firmware – this is a firmware that is designed to work with Home Assistant.
  • Sonoff Tasmota – flexible and fully featured firmware specifically for the Sonoff.
  • ESPurna firmware – this looks like an extremely fully featured firmware that not only supports Home Assistant, but also Google Home, Domoticz, Alexa, and more.

Csongor Varga has a useful Sonoff Cheatsheet here.

Using an old phone as an IoT device

An idea I’ve been wanting to do for a while is to use an old phone as an IoT device. A second-hand smartphone is potentially a cheap way to get a processor, screen, and storage. The phone needs to be hackable – I think an operating system like LineageOS or JanOS needs to be installed on it. LineageOS has the best support for different phones. In order to be useful for IoT, the base phone should be extensible to add sensors or micro-controllers.

New Toys!

I’ve had two new toys arrive today! The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ that was released yesterday, arrived today. This is great turn-around by Pimoroni! I’m planning to put Home Assistant on it and use it as a local server.

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Home automation control with Sonoff

SuperHouseTV have a great video on using the Sonoff, Arduino, OpenHAB and MQTT to control your house. Jon demos using the embedded software/cloud solution to control a light, as well as flashing the firmware yourself and setting up the Sonoff for over-the-air updates and controlling with MQTT. Well worth a watch!

Links to the Github pages for the sketches are in the show-notes.