Flashing Sonoff Wifi Switch

I’m going to flash my Sonoff switches to install a custom firmware on them. I am using the following resources as a reference:

From YouTube:

From the Internet:

  • KmanOz/KmanSonoff firmware – this is a firmware that is designed to work with Home Assistant.
  • Sonoff Tasmota – flexible and fully featured firmware specifically for the Sonoff.
  • ESPurna firmware – this looks like an extremely fully featured firmware that not only supports Home Assistant, but also Google Home, Domoticz, Alexa, and more.

Csongor Varga has a useful Sonoff Cheatsheet here.

New Toys!

I’ve had two new toys arrive today! The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ that was released yesterday, arrived today. This is great turn-around by Pimoroni! I’m planning to put Home Assistant on it and use it as a local server.

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Home Assistant

I’ve been checking out OpenHAB and Home Assistant. I think I will set up Home Assistant in my house. I really like the architecture and the way the code is structured. I’m a big fan of Python too. OpenHAB is written in Java, which I quite like, but for an application like this, I want something that is easier for me to hack.