Brew Day

Yesterday I had my first all-grain Brew Day! I am making a Belgium Blonde ale based on this recipe kit from The Malt Miller. I used the Brew-in-a-Bag method. I only had a 20L brewing pot, and I filled it with 14L of water which I bought to the boil, and then let cool to 66C. In order to measure the temperature, I used a meat stainless-steel temperature probe. After I bought it, I realised that the packaging says not to completely submerge the probe and cable in water, although it didn’t seem to hurt it. I also experimented briefly with using an infrared thermometer, but the readings from that were totally out. I spent the 90 minutes of Mashing time juggling the temperature. I would let the mash cool to 60C and then lift the bag from the bottom of the pot and heat the mash back to 66-67C.

It was fun adding the Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops. They had arrived vaccuum-sealed, and there was a delicious smell when I unwrapped them and added them to the Mash.

I made about 19L of Wort, which started fermenting over night. It is bubbling away at the moment. I am really eager to see what this will taste like!